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17 juni 2019 is Conwenna definitief gesloten. Vrijdag 14 juni 2019 is de laatste mogelijkheid voor dagopvang en pension

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conwenna-23Per 1st of October 2014 is Chantal Conwenna's  "House" groomer. Would you like to let your dog to be groomed during his stay with us, you can arrange that with us. The location of the Salon is located in a nearby small town called Zetten.

ChantalMy name is Chantal Selman, mother of two children Lizzie and ben Sander  Garden at home in many areas within Aalbers Dier & Tuin such as sales, floral art, administration and the grooming salon. Trimming is something I do for fun in small extent for years, some time ago I decided to make my hobby into my profession and according to the breed standard to trim by a training dogs grooming to go follow when HKI. In addition to training as a florist I am now certified groomer within "CareCorner" team at Aalbers Animal Trim & Garden ", where I along with Lisa Bor care bear for the professional care of the skin and coat your four-footed roommate. For some months now, trim and take care, on request, also the coats of guest dogs of Conwenna. For more information please call + 31652645317 or email to Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.Location trimsalon Aalbers Dier & Tuin (Care Corner) Hoofdstraat 5 te Zetten.

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